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Welcome to Meraki Laminates

Your one stop destination to all things related to laminates!

We offer superior quality laminates that will instantaneously transform any space into an abode of art. You can create an ambience of your choice and uplift the mood as soon as you walk into a space decorated with these outstanding PVC laminates from Meraki.

Quality Products

Meraki has created a market niche in PVC laminate product designs and sustainability. We are designing PVC laminates for tomorrow. We are committed to our clients for their ultimate satisfaction.

Our Products

Our Latest Products

Eco Friendly Shuttering Ply Manufacturers in India
Eco Friendly Shuttering Ply Suppliers in India

PVC Laminates 1.2mm

Meraki Gold PVC Laminates Sheets Manufacturer in India
Meraki Gold PVC Laminates Sheets Supplier in India

Liner 0.8mm PVC Laminates

Acrylic PVC Laminates Manufacturer in India
Acrylic PVC Laminates Supplier in India

Acrylic PVC Laminates

3MM PVC HPL Manufacturer in India
3MM PVC HPL Supplier in India


Textured PVC Laminates - Meraki Gold
Textured PVC Laminate - Meraki Gold

Textured PVC Laminates - Meraki Gold

Acrylic Edge Band Tape Manufacturer in India
Acrylic Edge Band Tape Supplier in India

Acrylic Edge Band Tape

Interior Clads Manufacturer in India
Interior Clads Supplier in India

Interior Clads

Exterior Louvers Manufacturer in India
Exterior Louvers Supplier in India

Exterior Louvers

Moulding Manufacturer in India
Moulding Supplier in India



How doesit work ?

Premium Quality:

Continual improvement of features to enhance the quality of the laminates assuring you with only the best in the market.

Product innovation:

Innovation is a continual process and we keep our products in line with the latest market trends in terms of design and quality.

Wide color options:

Laminates of different patterns, textures, designs and colors to suit with every home décor.


We customize every single design according to your need and environment

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