Tools Handling


Lifting Sheets

1. Sheet should be lifted by both hands
2. Support carefully
3. Only one sheet should be carried at a time.

Carrying Sheets

1. Sheets should always be carried by at least 2 people
2. if use trolley for transportation , it should be of 8X4 sq ft size to provide full base support to the sheets

Placing sheets

1. Take precaution not to damage the corners of sheets
2. Only one sheet at a time should be removed
3. Sheet should be slide from one end while placing it on surface.


1. Sheet should not be kept directly on ground
2. Full base wooden battens should be used
3. Sheets should be kept at least 150mm above the ground.
4. Different size and type of each board shall be stacked separately
5. Should be stored flat in a covered dry place in horizontal alignment with well supported from both corners


1. 2 people should hold the sheet from both side and load it in to the truck
2. Follow the instructions for loading process
3. Wooden battens should be used to make the base flat
4. Do not exceed the maximum stacking capacity as given

General Guidelines

1. The storage area should be separated form people and water courses
2. There should be good security procedures to prevent any un authorized access
3. There is good access point and easy exit
4. Protected from direct sunlight
5. Appropriate shelving is on hand to minimize breakage
6. Good natural ventilation equipped